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The peacefulness of a small, post-World War II town in New York is shattered when Larry McConnell unknowingly brings an ancient horror home with him from the Pacific.

From the jungles of the Philippines to high above a raging waterfall, The Onyx Seed is a fast-paced and gripping supernatural thriller, with the fate of a young boy uncertain until the end.


In this dramatic sequel to The Onyx Seed, the evil has multiplied. Men are disappearing from a salt mine deep underground in New York while the terror spreads in the impenetrable jungles of the Philippines.

A young man, a rare survivor of an attack from the mysterious creature years ago, discovers that he, his family, and friends, are the target of another onslaught.

No one is safe as strange phenomena haunt the McConnell family, threatening their sanity and their very lives.


Thought to be rid of the demons that haunted him earlier in his life, Dave McConnell is plunged into a nightmare from which there appears to be no escape.


Inexplicably joined by an old friend as he is drawn closer to the last surviving creature of its kind, Dave faces a terrifying truth. He is the unwitting savior to a species of monstrous beasts desperate not only to survive, but dominate the earth.

In this final book of The Onyx Trilogy, the stakes have never been higher for Dave, his family, and the world.

Onyx Trilogy


I haven’t had a horror story give me bad dreams in years!!
– Summer White

After discovering a gruesome, ritual killing deep in the Florida wilderness, Daniel is fleeing for his life, on the run from a mysterious, hooded man who will stop at nothing in his pursuit of immortality.

Daniel also desperately works to save his marriage as his wife gets caught up in a centuries-old cult that worships the raven and its mythical, life-giving powers.

Ancient forces are unleashed in this heart-pounding supernatural thriller that confronts the question, what would you do to live forever?

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Raven's Temple
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R.W. Harrison is a marketing professional residing in Florida. In addition to his novels, he has had works published in the Tampa Bay Times and Going Places Magazine.

He also works as an editor, book cover designer, and formatter.

He has taught courses to first-time novelists and is always eager to help new writers.



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